Corporate e-Learning

Modern businesses are more people centric and organizations which look forward to sustain their growth and perhaps even their existence cannot afford to overlook the learning needs of their people and other stakeholders including their customers. 

In their day to day job related activities the professionals miss the latest knowledge capsules that are fundamental to their growth and in turn the organization. Keeping in mind the need of the industry provides a full range of e-learning solutions which are customized to the need of the business. Easygyan provides customized courses for industry in the field of Management, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Product Knowledge, Creative Thinking, etc.

Our e-learning training programs cover

  • Induction programs
  • Product Training
  • Sales Training
  • Dealer/Franchisee Training
  • Service Centre Trainings
  • Motivation and Leadership
  • Creative thinking
  • Quality Management
  • Personality Development
  • Business Communications
  • Process Trainings
  • Customer Service

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Computer-delivered training can be imparted online, through Local Area Network (LAN) or through CD-ROM, giving you the convenience and affordability of self-paced training. Content for a custom CBT can be derived from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), books, or the Internet. CBT courses are widely used for teaching computer applications. The eLearning format is usually integrated in a system loaded with the required applications so that students can practice what they learn.

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training is the nearest cousin of physical classroom learning. Virtual Classroom training involves conversion of classroom into a studio where lectures are captured live and beamed on internet real-time or can be recorded and then distributed. The students can interact with the expert through chat and VOIP. It is video oriented content.

Web Based Training (WBT)

WBT is a mode of self-paced training that is similar to CBT but delivered over the Internet or a company intranet using a web browser. In addition to the course content, a WBT often includes interactive methods, such as bulletin boards, chat rooms, instant messaging, videoconferencing, and discussion threads, assessments. WBT has revolutionized the new-millennium training concepts; you can leverage web technology to optimize eLearning.

Online Testing and Assessment

All the participants can be tested online for assessment of knowledge and skills based on e-learning modules imparted by the following means:
  • Multiple Choice/ Multiple Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Matching, Sequencing
  • online testing


    A simulation features a series of animated illustrations that demonstrate the necessary actions required to complete a specific task. Simulations are extremely useful in learning skill-based operations. Our team of instructional designers and programmers can create animations and simulations that can be seamlessly integrated with a website or an eLearning program.